Kitchen Remodeling

Plan a winning kitchen for comfort and convenience

Because it is the heart of most homes, kitchen remodeling is exciting, fun, and demanding.  Kitchens serve not only as the center for food preparation and storage, but also as dining areas, study and craft zones, home offices, and entertainment areas. Careful planning is the key to a successful kitchen remodeling project.
When you work with W-P Willis Construction Inc., we will take care of the permits and we will be sure to work within the local codes.  Structural changes may also impose certain constraints on your design plans.  Consider the building, its character and idiosyncrasies, as you plan your new kitchen.  We at W-P Willis Construction Inc. can help you work around structural requirements so you can achieve your design goals.
We will work within your budget to insure your kitchen remodeling does not get out of hand. You can be assured that we will complete your job to your satisfaction and within your budget.  Call or use our on-line Service Request form for your free quote today!  We look forward to working with you.